Empingham Parish Council

Serving the people of Empingham

Village Sign

Clerk: Mrs Rowan Scholtz
9 Highfield Close, Empingham
Rutland LE15 8QB

Tel: 01780 460557


The archaeological evidence indicates that the area around Empingham has been settled since at least the Iron Age and perhaps since the Stone Age. The village name, however, is early Anglo-Saxon, meaning the home of the clan of 'Empa'.

In the Domesday Book (1086) Empingham is listed in the County of Northampton, and had about 100 families, which was a population not much smaller than Oakham. The subsequent history of the Manors and villages of Empingham and Normanton can be found in the Victoria County History for Rutland, and in Canon J.E.Swaby's 'A History of Empingham' (1988).