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Parking Around The Reservoir


Rutland County Council is appealing for motorists visiting Rutland Water to park sensibly and considerately.

The Council recently started trialling new measures to reduce verge side parking around Rutland Water in response to concerns about road safety and environmental damage.

Parking on footways, cycle tracks and verges can cause road safety issues and obstruct emergency access, as well as harming plants and wildlife in environmentally sensitive areas.

As part of a trial developed with the Rutland Water Partnership, parking on footways, cycle paths and verges is now banned within a designated zone around Rutland Water.

The zone is signposted at entry and exit points and monitored by civil enforcement officers during busy periods, including weekends and bank holidays.

The trial will be reviewed after a maximum of 18 months to consider its impact and assess whether the new measures have been successful.

Councillor Lucy Stephenson, Cabinet Member for Highways at Rutland County Council, said: "Lots of drivers will have spotted the temporary signs that mark out the designated Rutland Water Area. Our parking officers have also been out talking to motorists about the new measures and why they've been introduced.

"The restrictions we're trialling have been developed with the Rutland Water Partnership and representatives from local Parish Councils. Together, we want to encourage sensible parking, reduce the number of cars blocking paths and access routes at busy times, and make sure the reservoir remains a safe and enjoyable place to visit, for everyone."

The Rutland Water Partnership is a collaborative group comprising agencies, companies and individuals with a particular interest in the Rutland Water environment.

For more information, please visit: www.rutland.gov.uk/parking or contact: parkingmanagement@rutland.gov.uk.

Posted: Mon, 20 May 2019 09:30 by Rowan Scholtz

Tags: Transport