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Dear resident,

Many people, understandably, are taking this period of forced isolation to have a good clear out. That's great but please store what you want to dispose of until the municipal waste sites and charity shops re-open. Both were closed partly because of the need for social distancing but mainly because of the risk of staff becoming infected from the virus being on the goods disposed of/donated. DO NOT leave goods outside the closed charity shops. The charities will not be collecting these donations and their removal will be the responsibility of refuse collectors/street cleaners, both of whom will be at risk if the bags are contaminated. Also do NOT put extra bags out for the bin men. Our refuse collectors are working under extreme difficulties at the moment and have been instructed to empty bins only. They will NOT take additional bags. Thank you for your co-operation.

As you know, children's play areas are out of bounds but some anti-social people have been removing/damaging the signs which have been put out to explain this. If you spot signs which are damaged/missing please contact your parish council.

We have all witnessed the courage of NHS staff, albeit for most of us through the medium of our TV screens. We recognise their dedication and the risks to their own health this brings. Can we also remember the dedication of staff working for Rutland County Council and give them a "thank you" too. Like all employers Rutland Council has adopted home working where possible but not all staff can work from home nor follow safe working practices such as social distancing. Staff answering your calls are in the office, refuse collectors cannot keep a safe distance from each other as they dispose of our waste and social workers, RCC's Admiral Nurses and so on still visit people in their homes and like health service colleagues do not always have sufficient personal protective equipment. So, if you see any of these folk going about their work give them a cheery wave –from a safe distance, of course!

The Council is regularly updating its Covid-19 web pages, including explaining how Government announcements, for example on business rates, is being managed. To find out more please go to https://www.rutland.gov.uk/my-services/health-and-family/health-and-nhs/health-and-support-services/coronavirus-covid-19/ In addition for those of you who don't subscribe the Council produces a free regular newsletter "Your Rutland" which also carries useful information. You can subscribe here https://www.rutland.gov.uk/my-council/your-rutland-e-newsletter/

There are additional on line support to businesses which can be found here https://www.greaterlincolnshirelep.co.uk/priorities-and-plans/covid-19/ Rutland County Council is now part of the Greater Lincolnshire LEP so their services are open to Rutland businesses.

Our local health providers have also set up a web site which can be accessed here https://rutlandhealth.co.uk/covid-19-coronavirus-rutland-gp-services/

Please follow Government guidance and stay healthy.

Gale Waller

County Councillor, Normanton Ward

gwaller@rutland.gov.uk 01780 722169

Posted: Mon, 06 Apr 2020 14:26 by Rowan Scholtz

Tags: COVID-19